Parentivity is a trusted, parent-friendly community where experts and parents come together to create a better world.

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Why Parentivity?

Children deserve the best chance to be born healthy, to be nurtured, live in safe environments, and enter school ready to succeed on a lifelong path of learning.



What is Parentivity?

Parentivity is a web-based community that provides “just right” information when parents need it most. Understanding there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to parenting, we offer personalized content proven to reduce family risks and optimize parenting resourcefulness, family resilience, child growth, and school readiness. Parentivity – a place to ask, learn, and share!

One of a Kind

Parentivity serves as a virtual mentor and provides parents a vast library of resources, access to experts and parents with similar concerns, and user-friendly tools to identify needs and set personal goals.  As the Parentivity 'mentor' learns more about each parent, their child(ren), and individual goals, the ”just-right” information becomes even more targeted. Through interactive learning, videos, games and quizzes, live chats, and webinars, Parentivity will rely on parent-specific data to provide personal attention and address specific concerns.


Parentivity empowers parents to make personalized action plans and track their progress.  If desired, parents can receive calendar alerts, goal reminders, and knowledge boosters, and later, a nudge when it is time to evaluate progress or level up for more information.


Parentivity is designed to recognize early warning signs of risk in areas of health, prenatal care, parenting skills, family functioning, and child development and will alert parents and recommend supportive resources and strategies.

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Parentivity is forming innovative public/private collaborations; we’re growing strong with the right partners.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of young children and their families. Contact us >